My son Joshua

This is my 7 year old son Joshua who started 2nd grade today. I took this picture on a “Father’s Day” hike my 3 boys and me enjoyed. A number of folks regularly ask me about how Joshua is doing so I thought I post an update.

For those who don’t know, Joshua is an incredibly affectionate, ‘never-met-a-stranger’ boy who has been unable to communicate verbally. There has been no official diagnosis other than his placement on the autism spectrum. While Joshua understands a great deal of what is spoken to him, he struggles to put sounds together to form words–but he is trying. This summer he had speech therapy and made some strides in getting sounds closer together. His main form of communication at this point is sign language. He knows several words and has made up several others. He also uses the drag and pull method when he sees anyone available to join him on PlayStation.

We continue to pray for Joshua’s healing but also rest in God’s Sovereign plan. We are continually amazed at the number of people Joshua’s life has touched. His hugs have warmed the heart of many in our church family and community. As someone who bases my ministry on my communication ability, I find that Joshua is a refreshing reminder to me that ministry is not as much about skills but about the heart.

If God lays Joshua on your heart, we would so appreciate your prayers for him. Each day brings with it lots of “Joshua joys” but also lots of reminders of how far behind he is and lots of questions about his future.  So we pray and we trust and we love him.

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