A Powerful Apology

In my last post, I made some comments regarding how I believe Jesus would respond to the recent DOMA decision by the Supreme Court. The challenge for Christians is how to uphold the two things Jesus’ ministry was characterized by: grace and truth. We need to realize that there is something just as important as being right–and that is being loving. Given the fact that this balance is a difficult one to find–especially as it relates to the issue of homosexuality–I was especially moved by and encouraged by Alan Chambers recent apology to the Gay and Lesbian community. Alan was President of Exodus International, which was a Christian ministry to those struggling with same sex attraction.

While bits and pieces of this got reported by the media (and at times got slanted a bit), I found it helpful to read the entire apology. It is a wonderful demonstration of humility, grace and truth. You can read it here:


I love how he sincerely apologizes for the hurt his organization has caused, and yet how he also gently affirms his convictions regarding marriage and sexuality, as reflected in the Bible. A good dose of humility on this issue would go a long way in us as Christ followers being a light to the world.