Very Grateful

I just got a phone call from someone I hadn’t spoken to in 38 years. Kip was a youth pastor at the church my family attended when I was in the 8th grade. As we chatted, we began comparing notes and I realized, Kip was the person who actually prayed with me to receive Christ.

I remembered where and when it had happened (July 15, 1975 at Osage Hills Bible Camp) but I couldn’t remember who had given the talk that night. It was Kip. He shared a message to that group of unruly teenagers. I’m sure he wondered if anything was getting through. It was.

After that talk that I went up and asked Kip what I needed to do to have an assurance of my salvation.  He shared the gospel with me and I prayed with him to receive Jesus.

I know the actual date because I still have the Bible where I wrote in the front: “I excepted Jesus on July 15, 1975” Even though my spelling needed some work, that day marked a beginning of a new life for me.

I’m deeply grateful for Kip and his faithfulness to share the gospel with a bunch of teenagers that day 38 years ago. My life will never be the same.



  1. Renee   •  

    Sweet story. And the ripple effect continues on… Because you “excepted” Jesus that day after hearing this man…. How many others have also “excepted” him after hearing you over the years? Wow! Amazing to think. For me personally, because of your faith in Jesus, I have been led through my daily walk with Jesus over the last 14 years. Just this morning, I was emailing my daughter about a personal issue and quoted you about “the tunnel of chaos” that you have preached on over the years. It’s pretty humbling for all of us to consider how we may be impacting others for Jesus knowingly or mostly never knowingly, so to speak. Praise Jesus for Gods calling on your friend, Kip’s life… and his on yours and so on..

  2. Tari   •  

    What a bountiful harvest from that one “gospel seed” planted from Kip’s labor of love for Jesus !!!

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