Help Me Title My Book!

I need your help. I just finished writing a book about the Holy Spirit. The book offers a balanced, Biblical and practical guide to experiencing the Spirit in our everyday lives. (How we can experience His love, hear His voice, pray for the sick, etc). While I have a title for the book–“More”–I am in need of a creative, interesting sub title.

Right now, I’m considering a couple possible sub titles:

What Happens When You Invite the Spirit Into Your Everyday Life


Going Deeper With the Spirit…Without Going Off the Deep End

But I’m not convinced either is the right one.

I would love to hear your best ideas. I will pay $50 to the person who submits a subtitle that I end up going with. Feel free to email me directly if you would like more information about the book. My email address is

Thanks for your input!


  1. Joseph   •  

    Greeting Pastor Alan!

    I have a couple of subtitles:

    The fullness of the Holy Spirit

    The power of the Holy Spirit

    The Holy Spirit filled life

    Completeness in the Holy Spirit

    Blessing -Joseph Grossman

  2. Mike Webb   •  

    Hey Alan, the incredible part of the Spirits work in our lives is as a comforter…

    “More … of the Comforter bringing balance and grace”

    “More … of what Jesus intended – a comforter that would be with us”

    “More … finding the Comforter working through our lives”

    I hope it does well!

    • AlanKraft   •     Author

      Thanks Mike for the input! Good to hear from you.

  3. Regina weisman   •  

    Have you found a subtitle yet? My thought was ” More…Access to the Holy Spirit by divine right.”

    • AlanKraft   •     Author

      I have, Regina. I’m calling it More:When A Little Bit of the Spirit Is Not Enough

      Thanks for the suggestion!

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