Fasting Thoughts

So proud of how many Christ Community Church people are fasting some or all of this week, in response to the ‪#‎ccconething‬ challenge offered last week. It’s so awesome to seek God together in this way.

I’ve been reminded yesterday and today of how hard fasting is. I suddenly realize how important food is in my life…and it’s hard to give that up! In the midst of the difficulty of this, I remembered this morning a phrase Paul uses in Philippians 3:10. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard anyone talk much about this phrase. But in it, Paul says that he wants to “know Christ and….the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings.” That word “fellowship” means participation in. Huh. Paul considered it a privilege to share in, to participate in, Christ’s sufferings.

What struck me this morning as I thought about facing another day of fasting was this thought: In a small way, I am sharing in the suffering of Christ. I am choosing Him over something that I really want to do. Honestly, in our society, I’m not sure we deny ourselves very often of things. We have so much. We are used to having what we want when we want it. By fasting, we are choosing to say no to a desire, for the purpose of stoking a greater desire–that of love for Jesus.

So if you are feeling frustrated or discouraged about how hard this fasting thing is, be encouraged. You are choosing suffering for Jesus’ sake. It is in the difficulty of the fast that we find the true power of the fast–learning to seek Jesus over any thing else in our life.

Praying for you!


  1. Scott Thompson   •  

    I’ve never fasted for this amount of time before so it is a challenge, but a good one. As I was sitting here ready Alan’s comments and feeling the hunger pains, I’m reminded that, that is how we should feel about Christ. We should hunger for Him and His presence in our lives. Even as I write this, the hunger lingers deep inside of me, reminding me that I’m missing something, that I need to be nourished. I can only imagine what a difference it would make in my life if I had this same constant hunger for Jesus, never really satisfied, always wanting more, wanting to be nourished by His presence in my life. Fasting is a great reminder of why we so desperately need Him! I want to Thank our leadership for yielding to the Holy Spirit and giving us this direction.

    • AlanKraft   •     Author

      Amen, Scott. Great perspective. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Jake porter   •  

    Honestly I have never really fasted but have taken the challenge. I have felt like I have been in a bit of a spiritual slump for a few months. This has been a pretty cool experience so far. In some quiet time I read Matthew 4. It was a huge encouragement to read about Jesus fasting for 40 days and telling the devil you can’t live on bread alone but one every word from God. I hope that brings others some encouragement and thank you for your post pastor Alan. It also came at a good time:)

    • AlanKraft   •     Author

      Thanks Jake!

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