103 Year Old Wisdom


The other day I attended an engagement shower for some friends and had the privilege of visiting with one of my favorite people in the world—a 103 year old woman named Katie.
We only visited for a few minutes but I was so impacted by her attitude and her perspective on life. I came away with three life lessons:
• Life Lesson #1: We never “retire” from ministry. Until our last breath, we are called to be ambassadors for Jesus.
Katie didn’t talk about her aches and pains and limitations. Instead, she talked about how she was praying for the people who live around her at the nursing home, especially those who don’t know Jesus. Here she is, 103 years old, and yet still demonstrating a missional heart towards people around her.

• Life Lesson #2: Don’t take yourself too seriously. Take opportunities to laugh and have fun.
In the course of our conversation, Katie mentioned a party that she had recently attended at the nursing facility. She explained how the party organizers were handing out silly hats for people to wear. Not being a person to sit on the side lines, she got a hat, even though it was a bit too big. At one point, she looked over at another woman who was not participating, and this woman gave the “loco” hand gesture to indicate she thought Katie was crazy. Katie’s comment was classic: “I’m not sure who was more crazy. Me for participating or her for not!”

• Life Lesson #3: Take the initiative to exercise. You’ll feel better….and perhaps live to 103!
One other thing Katie mentioned to me in our conversation. She said they get her up walking once a day….but she didn’t feel like that was enough. So she goes out on her own and exercises 3 times a day by walking through the halls of the facility.
Thanks Katie for inspiring me!