Spiritual Warfare Resources

This past weekend in our services, we talked about the reality of the spiritual realm and the strategies our enemy uses against us. I mentioned in my message a couple of helpful resources in the midst of our daily battles with demonic influences.

One is a Daily Prayer by John Eldredge. We can pray this prayer regularly as a means of spiritual protection over ourselves and our friendships and family. I love how Biblically rooted this prayer is and also how it helps us learn how to pray with an awareness of our enemy. Here’s the link:



The second resource is a book by Neil Anderson entitled “The Bondage Breaker.” At the back of this book, Anderson provides “The Seven Steps to Freedom”. In these Seven Steps, you walk through a spiritual inventory that can reveals places where the enemy has had access to our lives due to participation in certain activities.

As mentioned in the message, if you feel like you are experiencing demonic oppression and would like a team to pray with you, please contact Christ Community Church at 970-353-1159 and we can explore next steps.