Good News For Those Trying Harder

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Countless believers are pursuing spiritual growth, only to repeatedly find themselves spinning their wheels and making no progress. Many are driven to just try harder. Others feel a growing sense of failure and distance from God. But for all involved, it’s a frustrating cycle. What can we do when trying harder isn’t working?

Author and pastor Alan Kraft invites us to be still enough to hear the twin melodies that comprise the good news of the gospel-brokenness and faith.  These core strains have the power to lift our exhausted heads so we may experience life to the full as Jesus promised.

Discover the power of a broken spirit, embrace the wonder of living by faith, and experience the joy found when you just stop trying.

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“The most readable, realistic and biblically ‘right-on’ discussion of spiritual formation I’ve read in a long time. Try hard and you’ll feel tired or proud. Get real and you’ll trust Christ as never before. I felt a weight lift as I read it. You will too.” — Dr. Larry Crabb, speaker, founder of NewWay Ministries, and author of Shattered Dreams and The Pressure’s Off

Alan Kraft has charted a roadmap that points, in very clear and practical ways, a pathway of hope and help for Christians who are tired of stumbling and fumbling–tired of the treadmill of weariness with efforts that end in discouragement and defeat. If you want to understand how the joyous and dynamic life of a true disciple of Jesus can be experienced, here’s the handbook. — Dr. Jack W. Hayford, president, International Foursquare Churches, chancellor, The King’s College and Seminary, and founding pastor of The Church On The Way

“God has a way of bringing us to the end of our resources in order that we may discover His. Sadly, many resist this brokenness, but it is the key to the victorious and what God intended to be the `normal’ Christian life, which is `Christ in you the hope of glory.’ Alan has discovered what it means to let the life of Christ live through him and to let it happen rather than struggle to make it happen. I highly recommend this book for every Christian pilgrim who wants to live a liberated, righteous and fruitful life by faith in the power of the Holy Spirit.” — Dr. Neil T. Anderson, founder and president of Freedom in Christ Ministries

“In a very honest and compelling way, Alan Kraft shows us why believers still need the gospel every day. When Trying Harder Doesn’t Work should help many people get off the performance treadmill in their relationship with God. I highly recommend it.” — Dr. Jerry Bridges, author of The Pursuit of Holiness

“For those of us who find ourselves cranky, sour, angry, or cynical while trying to do God’s work, Alan Kraft eases our burden. Instead of trying to please God, Alan leads us to trust God. And delight in Him. This is a freeing book that redefines what it means to live by faith. Just what I needed.” — Marshall Shelley, editor, Leadership Journal and vice president, Christianity Today International

“God speaks through Alan Kraft, and his book made my “must read” list. This message is for every Christian, but especially for pastors and ministry leaders who sometimes serve out of their own efforts instead of relying on God’s Spirit. This book brought me to tears more than once. Read it and let God refresh your faith.” — Alan Nelson, executive editor Rev! Magazine and author of Me To We

“Good timing, Alan! This book has come into my hands precisely at a time when I am being made painfully aware that my own zeal and determination are insufficient to touch Kingdom fullness. Once again I am throwing myself upon the mercy of a God who is committed to working in us according to HIS zeal and determination (Phil. 2:13). And that’s what this book is about–celebrating the power of God to do in us what we cannot do for ourselves. Alan’s unfolding insights will skillfully guide you into a fresh discovery of the true freedom of the Gospel.” —Bob Sorge, author of Secrets Of The Secret Place

“Many who once took their faith seriously are either considering (or are currently) walking away from the church. Alan Kraft’s gospel-clarifying and faith-restoring book addresses the core issue for this exodus and shows the path back to authentic faith. I love Alan’s heart and honesty. Read, understand, and apply the truth in these pages. If you do it will change everything.” — Dan Webster, founder, Authentic Leadership, Inc.

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