Raylene and I on beach 201-1Alan Kraft has served since 1990 as lead pastor of Christ Community Church ( in Greeley, Colorado. He is a graduate of Kansas State University (Go Wildcats!) and also Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Alan is passionate about helping people experience the fullness of the gospel and the presence of the Spirit. He is author of two books: Good News For Those Trying Harder and More: When a Little Bit of the Spirit Is Not Enough.

Alan and his wife Raylene have been married for 25 years. They have four fantastic children: Erin, Joel, Caleb and Joshua. The Kraft clan loves vacations with beaches, snowy days by the fireplace, playing Settlers of Catan, drinking slurpees, eating cheeseburgers, playing tennis, watching NCIS, and making Dairy Queen runs.

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  1. David A. Barton   •  

    My brother professes that there many antichrist’s coming and not just the 1 antichrist in what I have read about in my Bible. Which is correct? He also states it is written in the Holy Bible that there is more then 1 antichrist coming. As I cannot find anything that states that in my Bible.. Please advise.
    Thank You & God Bless You and Christ Community Church

    David A. Barton

    • AlanKraft   •     Author

      He’s probably referring to I John 2:18 which talks about how many antichrists have come. I think there is a distinction between the many antichrists that John is talking about and the one antichrist referred to in Revelation. Hope that helps..

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