More – When a Little Bit of the Spirit is Not Enough

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The church is filled with people asking, “Is this it? Is this all the Christian life is supposed to be?” They long to experience more of God’s presence—they just don’t know how to get there. Some have been burned by “charismania.” Others are fearful of it. Is there a way to experience the Spirit—without the weirdness?

Author and pastor Alan Kraft provides a biblical pathway into the exhilaration of an everyday experience with the Holy Spirit, showing how normal it can be to hear His voice, know His love, and walk in His power.

• Learn how to hear God speak in personal ways and how to discern His
• Understand and experience what it means to be filled with the Spirit.
• Be inspired and equipped to pray for the sick, without feeling awkward
or demanding.
• Relax about topics like prophecy and speaking in tongues, rather than
feeling defensive or afraid.

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“Alan Kraft authors a thought-provoking work on a traditionally divisive subject, providing a grace-filled and honest interpretationof historically difficult scriptural passages. No matter what your current position is regarding the Spirit, I wouldhighly recommend More to drive you deeper into a biblicalunderstanding of the person, role, gifting, and work of the Holy Spirit of God.” — Jason Elam, Author and former kicker, Denver Broncos

I highly recommend Alan Kraft’s new book, More. In it, Alan takes us back to the Bible to see what it means to cultivate an intimate relationship with the Spirit. You need to read this book, and so does your pastor. Lighten up! The Holy Spirit is our friend to be embraced and not a foe to be avoided. I’m putting this on my “Must Read” list for our whole ministry. Alan, thank you for your down to earth and very biblical work on the Holy Spirit and how He wants to revolutionize our lives. We all need More! — Tom Doyle, Vice President- e3 Partners, Author of Dreams and Visions-Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World?

We live in an age that longs for the intrusion of the supernatural. Tragically, many followers of Jesus have given up on the idea of the supernatural in favor of muddling through until they get to heaven. What Alan Kraft does in his latest book, More, is to show us how the third member of The Trinity—The Holy Spirit—longs to bring heaven to us in the ordinary and everyday. Written on biblical bedrock, with a pastor’s heart, Alan shows us that the Holy Spirit is a person with whom we can cultivate intimacy; he shows us how to recognize and listen to the voice of the Spirit; and most importantly he shows us how to live filled with the power of the Spirit so that muddling through until heaven is inconceivable! If you are hungry for MORE of God, this book will change your life and the way you live out your faith. Really. — Michael John Cusick, Author of Surfing for God, Founder of Restoring the Soul

Years ago, as a young woman, God gave me an intense desire for complete abandonment to the Holy Spirit, longing to live an ordinary life in an extraordinary way. That prayer was answered and decades of fruitful ministry have resulted. Pastor Alan Kraft’s carefully crafted, theologically sound, life-tested book More has come to me at a time when I had forgotten some of the intensity of that always-hard-to-explain spiritual experience. What I love about Kraft’s approach is that it is not doctrinaire. It is not argumentative. It is instead tender in its understanding that we as humans experience God in different ways—and that this is the beauty of the Body of Christ. I applaud this work. It is a book on the role of the Holy Spirit designed for every heart that is crying, “More!” — Karen Mains, Author and Director of Hungry Souls

Alan Kraft has written a very helpful and thought-provoking book. It’s a clear, well-researched, and incredibly practical approach to an often controversial subject. Odds are you won’t agree with everything he says—I’m not sure I agree with it all. But I can guarantee you that your walk with God will be richer, more intimate, and more powerful if you take the time to carefully consider and then apply the important things he has to say. Some of them will be life changers. — Larry Osborne, Author and Pastor of North Coast Church, Vista, CA

Probably the greatest need in the Church today is to have a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit. And yet scripture teaches it’s the responsibility of every Christ follower to steward our heart to be hungry and open for the work of God the Holy Spirit in our life. In his book More, Alan Kraft does an excellent job describing what happens when a Christ follower enjoys the filling and fellowship of the Holy Spirit. — Gerard Long, Executive Director, Alpha USA

Alan’s book brings insightful and practical relevance to the power of the Holy Spirit working in the everyday life of the believer. His language activates believers to step into fullness of what is accessible to every one of us! What an incredible tool for the body of Christ in this season! — Sean Feucht, Author, Songwriter, and Founder of Burn 24-7


  1. Katie   •  

    This book is life changing!
    Is there a study guide or book study if I was to spread the news & teach a study on it?

    • AlanKraft   •  

      Thanks! There is a study guide at the back of the book for small groups. Also, there is a 40 day journey through the book at

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